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If you’re looking to upgrade your internet before the year ends, look no further than Verizon Fios. During their Black Friday event, they’ll have deals for internet, phone, and TV services for the lowest prices you’ll ever find. Shop for the fastest internet plans, get gift cards, and more by going to your local Verizon store or setting everything up online.

Verizon Fios Black Friday Deals & Discounts

Verizon Fios is a service provided by Verizon that offers customers internet, cable, and phone services. During Black Friday, Verizon Fios has deals on multiple internet packages for all kinds of users, whether you need fast internet for streaming, downloading, or sharing large files. Verizon Fios also offers exclusive gifts for those that sign up to select internet packages.

2021 Verizon Fios Deals

For 2021, Verizon Fios offered multiple deals and discounts to customers that wanted to upgrade their internet or to new Verizon Fios customers looking to switch internet service providers. These deals could also be combined with any wireless plans customers had. Take a look at the top deals offered by Verizon during their 2021 Black Friday event:

  • Save up to $200 on Verizon Fios cable services
  • Save up to $20 a month with mobile and home rewards
  • $200 gift card upon switching to Fios Gigabit Connection
  • Save up to $200 on Verizon Fios internet services for business
  • Google Nest Hub Max upon switching to Fios Gigabit Connection
  • Save up to $20 a month on Fios 100% fiber-optic network plans

2022 Verizon Fios Deals

For 2022, you can expect Verizon Fios to roll out new deals for their fiber-optic network services. Expect great savings on some of their top Fios plans, which offer perks such as free Disney+ and AMC+ for 12 months, whole-home Wi-Fi, 2TB Verizon Cloud storage, and a $100 Verizon gift card. If you’re a new Fios customer, switching can also get you some extra benefits, such as free gift cards and tech.

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Verizon Fios Black Friday Dates and Hours

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Verizon Fios

In previous years, Verizon Fios has had some early Black Friday sales, so they will hopefully do the same this year. Although Verizon has yet to announce when their Fios deals will go live, you can expect the deals to be there by Black Friday, which lands on November 25th this year. After the Black Friday event ends, you can expect new deals on Monday, November 28th. Verizon Fios will release different deals on that day for Cyber Monday, so don’t forget to check the Verizon website for more information.

In-store Black Friday Dates: TBA – TBA

You can head into your local Verizon store and switch to Verizon Fios at any moment during the Black Friday promotions. If all you’re interested in is the internet plan at a discounted price, you can do this at any time since the discount itself does not run out. If you’re looking to get the sweet rewards that come with switching to select internet plans, like Gigabit Connection, you’ll want to do this as early as possible. Verizon usually has those discounts available for a limited time only.

  • Store Hours
    • Mon-Fri: TBA
    • Sat/Sun: TBA

Online Verizon Fios Black Friday: When do deals start going online?

Verizon has yet to announce any early Black Friday deals you can get online. However, the deals will be online by midnight on November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Verizon Fios Black Friday Online Dates: TBA/12 AM
  • Verizon Fios Black Friday Cyber Monday Dates: November 28/12 AM

How Do I Get Black Friday Deals Before They Run Out of Stock?

Because the discounts are applied to monthly services, there is no risk of them ever going out of stock during Black Friday. However, there may be some extra deals you aren’t aware of that you’re missing out on. Contact a Verizon customer service agent on the phone to switch out your internet plan and ask if there are extra savings options available.

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