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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 are bringing more than discounts on TVs, laptops and other physical gadgets, as right now you can save on popular streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+ and Hulu. With the season bringing colder temperatures, hot cocoa and a TV show is a wonderful way to withstand the wrath of winter. To accompany your new TV or sound system this holiday, here’s a compilation of popular streaming services that are offering deals this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

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Does Spotify Have a Black Friday Deal?

This year, Spotify isn’t hosting any Black Friday deals. However, there are other ways for you to try the premium service at little to no cost. Providing quality audio content for over a decade and a half, the service has accumulated quite the network of partners. You can often find Spotify bundled into many other memberships or get free months of service as a perk.

Other Spotify 2022 Promotions

  • Get 6 Months of Spotify Premium for Free with Walmart+
    As a perk for Walmart+ customers, the retail giant is offering its members a free 6 months of Spotify Premium ($59 value). This offer is only valid for new Spotify Premium subscribers. Walmart+ is available at $12.95 a month or $98 a year.
  • Free 3 Months of Spotify Premium with PayPal
    PayPal is offering new users 3 months of Spotify Premium for free ($29 value). Offer only available to customers who have never subscribed to Spotify Premium before. Signing up for PayPal is free and it can help manage your Spotify Premium payments if you eventually become a paid subscriber.
  • Sign Up for Microsoft Rewards and Get 3 Months of Spotify Premium for Free
    This offer is valid to both new and existing Microsoft Rewards members. However, there is a small hoop to jump through if you are already a part of the program. According to the fine text, existing Microsoft Rewards members are eligible when they search with Microsoft Bing on Microsoft Edge for 3 days within 14 days of starting the promotion. And as usual, this promotion is only for first time subscribers of Spotify Premium.

How to get Spotify for Free

The music and podcast streaming service is free to everyone but the no cost version comes with ads and certain restrictions. Going Premium gives you ad-free listening, downloads, unlimited skips, and full access to their library of content.

If you don’t want to get caught up in a web of other memberships, Spotify offers new subscribers a 1-month free trial of Premium service. You can pick any of the plans they offer to try out: Individual, Duo, Family, or Student.

Does Hulu Have a Black Friday Deal?

Yes! Hulu is offering a 12-Month Hulu Ad Supported Subscription Plan for $1.99/Month when you click on this link. This is for the ad-supported plan, which allows you to stream on two separate screens/devices simultaneously.

The offer is valid for new & returning subscribers (who have not been Hulu subscribers in the past month) only. Select existing Hulu users can add Disney+ for an additional $2.99/month (see details here).

Other Hulu 2022 Promotions

  • Students Save 75% on a Monthly Hulu Subscription
    As long as enrollment status remains verified, students can get Hulu for just $1.99 a month. The discount offer is only for the service’s ad-supported plan. You can take advantage of this deal whether you’re new to Hulu or already a subscriber.
  • Up to 47% Off When You Bundle Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+
    This is still one of the best ways to save on a Hulu subscription. The regular bundle with ads comes in at $13.99 a month ($25.97 value) and the no ads version is $19.99 a month (32.97 value). You can switch plans or cancel at anytime.

Can You Get Get Hulu for Free?

Hulu offers a free one-month trial of their streaming service for new subscribers. You do have the option to choose between ads or no ads to try out. Just remember that you will be charged for that service once the trial ends. But you can change plans or cancel at anytime.

Does Netflix Have a Black Friday Deal?

As the one that started it all, it is very rare to come across deals for well-established Netflix let alone Black Friday ones. It’s probably more likely that we see another price hike before a discount appears. Similar to Spotify, the streaming giant does have a network of partners that offer Netflix as a perk so that can be your gateway to saving on the service.

Other Netflix 2022 Promotions

  • Free Netflix through T-Mobile
    If you’re thinking of switching providers this holiday, T-Mobile offers Netflix for free as a benefit to its subscribers. Depending on the phone plan and number of lines, you will receive either a Basic ($9.99/month value) or Standard ($15.49/month value) subscription to Netflix. You can opt for the Premium package and just pay an upgrade cost to T-Mobile each month.
  • Save with Discounted Netflix Gift Cards
    One of the more inadvertent ways to save on a Netflix subscription is by purchasing a discounted gift card. There are many sites out there to purchase from but make sure you are using a reputable one. The discounts typically range from 3% to 5%. It may not be much, but can really add up in the long run.

Can You Get Netflix for Free?

Unfortunately, Netflix discontinued their free trials earlier this year. The only “legitimate” way to get Netflix for free is if it’s offered as a perk by your internet, TV, or cellular provider.

Does Disney+ Have a Black Friday Deal?

Soon to celebrate its third anniversary of streaming, Disney+ does have a Black Friday deal to take advantage of. Now through 12/7, you can save 39% and pay just $79.99 (reg. $109.99) for the year when you sign up or restart your subscription. Disney is giving us one last chance to save on the streaming service before prices increase on 12/8.

Other Disney+ 2022 Promotions

  • Get Disney+ Free with Your Verizon Unlimited Plan
    Verizon’s Unlimited cell phone plans come with free Disney+ in varying degrees. For 5G Start and 5G Do More, you will receive 6 months for free. For the two higher tier packages, Verizon will cover the entire subscription cost of a Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ Basic bundle while you maintain a plan.
  • Up to 47% Off When You Bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+
    As mentioned before, bundling all the services under the Disney umbrella can save you quite a bit each month. The regular bundle with ads comes in at $13.99 a month ($25.97 value) and the no ads version is $19.99 a month (32.97 value). You can switch plans or cancel at anytime.

Can You Get Disney+ for Free?

Disney+ removed its free trials a couple years back, so for most people the answer will be no. If you have the American Express Platinum credit card, however, you can get up to $20 per month in statement credits from using your card to pay for most streaming services. If not, one account can be streamed on up to four devices at the same time. If you can tell where this is going, then there’s no need to say more!

Does STARZ Have a Black Friday Deal?

Starz does have a special offer that coincides with this Black Friday season. For a limited time, you can get the service for just $5 a month for 3 months. The offer available to new and previous STARZ App subscribers who re-subscribe via Following the promotional period, the subscription will revert to the regular price of $8.99 a month.

Other Starz 2022 Promotions

  • Upgrade Your Plan and Save Up to 53%
    After you sign up for their special offer above, you can go into your account settings and choose to change your plan for greater savings. The 3-month plan is 51% off at $12.99 and the 6-month plan is $24.99, which is a savings of 53%. The annual subscription is marked down as well but just at its standard 30% discount or $74.99 a year.

Can You Get STARZ for Free?

New subscribers can get a 7-day free trial to STARZ. But currently, you can only get it through its partners like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and more.

Does HBO Max Have a Black Friday Deal?

HBO Max is now running a great promotion that lets you get three months of the service for just $1.99/month, down from its usual $9.99/month. The discount is only valid on the “With Ads” plan, and you’ll need to move fast if you want to cash in on the savings – this deal ends on November 28.

Other HBO Max 2022 Promotions

  • Save 16% When You Subscribe to HBO Max Annually
    If you absolutely can’t wait to watch House of the Dragon and other HBO Originals, you can get a slight discount by opting for an annual plan at sign up. The discount is available for both ad-supported and ad-free version at $99.99/year and $149.99/year, respectively.
  • Get Free HBO Max with Cricket Wireless Plan
    Subscribe to a $60/month plan at Cricket Wireless and they will throw in a subscription to HBO Max (ad-supported) for free.

Can You Get HBO Max for Free?

Like many streaming services, HBO Max no longer offers a free trial themselves. However, it looks like Hulu still offers a free trial of it on their platform.

Does Paramount+ Have a Black Friday Deal?

From now until November 27, you can save 50% on select Paramount+ annual plans. That means an Essential Plan is just $25/year and the Premium Plan is just $50/year. Both plans also come with one free week, making these some of the best deals for the streaming service we’ve seen in 2022.

Can You Get Paramount+ for Free?

Both the Essential and Premium Plans offer a one-week free trial. You can also create a free account to access select programming without dropping a dime – although you won’t have access to the full Paramount+ catalog.

While many of the streaming services featured here aren’t running Black Friday deals yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t. If you’re looking to save on any of these subscriptions, make sure to set up a Deal Alert. Should some promotion or discount arise, you will get notified right away.

Is HBO Max worth $149.99/year?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify Have a Black Friday Deal?

This year, Spotify won’t host any Black Friday deals. But there are other ways for users to get access to the premium service without spending money. You can find bundled deals on discounted or free Spotify with other memberships like Walmart+, Paypal and Microsoft Rewards

Does Hulu Have a Black Friday Deal?

Hulu is letting certain customers pay just $1.99/month for an entire year. This promotion only applies to Hulu (With Ads), but it’s one of the cheapest ways to check out the service right now.

Does Netflix Have a Black Friday Deal?

Netflix has not announced any special Black Friday promotions. But, the streaming giant also has a network of partners that provide access to Netflix as part of a perk.

Does Disney+ Have a Black Friday Deal?

Disney+ does have a Black Friday deal to take advantage of. Now through 12/7, you can save 39% and pay just $79.99 (reg. $109.99) for the year when you sign up or restart your subscription.

Does STARZ Have a Black Friday Deal?

Starz does have an exclusive deal that goes along with this Black Friday season, offering customers a three-month trial of the service for only $5 per month. After the promotional period expires, the monthly fee will return to $8.99. New and existing STARZ app users can take advantage of this promotion by signing into

Does HBO Max Have a Black Friday Deal?

HBO Max is running a Black Friday deal that gives you three months of the service for $1.99/month. The generous offer only applies to the “With Ads” plan, and it expires on November 28.

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