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You’ll find no shortage of Apple Watch deals before Black Friday officially arrives on November 25th, but remember to pace yourself – you could score even bigger savings when Cyber Monday sales kick off on November 28th. Following its usual September tradition, Apple announced the latest generation of Apple Watches on September 7th – right before the holiday shopping season starts picking up. Luckily, this flurry of new releases ensures that newly “obsolete” (yet cutting-edge) models like the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE (2020) will be featured heavily this Black Friday.

Most major retailers feature Apple Watch discounts front-and-center during their holiday promotions, but the most impressive discounts reliably come from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Here are some of the deals that have appeared so far.

The Best Black Friday Apple Watch Deal So Far

Restored Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular Midnight Aluminum + Midnight Sport Band (41mm)

Summary: The Best Apple Watch Deal So Far
Author Rating: 5 out of 5
Brand Name: Apple
Product Name: Restored Apple Watch Series 7
User Rating: 5 out of 5 on Walmart
Sale Price: $267.00 | Regular Price: $334.97
Product Availability: In-stock (last checked 11/14/22)

Buying refurbished is arguably one of the best hacks for owning high-value electronics. Though you don’t have the option to choose your case and band colors, you trade in that luxury for a pretty hefty discount. The MSRP for a new Celullar Apple Watch Series 7 is $499. With this deal, you can own a new-to-you one for nearly half the price.

To help ease your mind, this device is backed by Walmart’s Restored Program. This attests that refurbished items are professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by qualified sellers. Your purchase is also protected by a 90-day return policy should anything arise.

The Cheapest Apple Watch Deal So Far

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Silver + White Sport Band (38mm)

Summary: The Cheapest Apple Watch Deal So Far
Author Rating: 4 out of 5
Brand Name: Apple
Product Name: Restored Apple Watch Series 7
User Rating: 5 out of 5 on Walmart
Sale Price: $267.00 | Regular Price: $334.97
Product Availability: In-stock (last checked 11/14/22)

The Series 3 Apple Watch recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary since its release in 2017. Its popularity still remains strong after all these years and you can still purchase them brand new from many retailers. Though it is relatively ancient in “tech years,” the device is a great entry-level smartwatch for new users. And that barrier of entry has gotten even easier to overcome at Walmart. Currently, you can get the Apple Watch Series 3 for $60 off its regular price.

Since this has become more of a starter device, you can’t expect it to be loaded with as many features as the Series 7 or 8. This deal is also only for the GPS model, which might be a no go for someone who is looking to be phone-free during exercise. While 8GB of storage was once enough, today’s applicationss are more demanding so you are limited on the amount of apps you can run. These negatives set aside, the Series 3 is still a great stepping stone for anyone looking to get their first Apple smart wearable.

The Newest Apple Watches

The Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2022) and luxury-grade Apple Watch Ultra are available for purchase. You won’t miss much if you buy before Black Friday, as new releases generally don’t receive many Black Friday discounts.

  • Apple Watch Series 8 — MSRP: From $399
  • Apple Watch Ultra — MSRP: From $799
  • Apple Watch SE (2022) — MSRP: From $249

Walmart Apple Watch Deals

Walmart is one of the best places to pick up electronics for big discounts and the Apple Watch is no different. If you happen to have a Walmart credit card, you can save an additional 5% when you use it. Not only do the products come with free shipping, but you have other options to get your product fast like in-store pick-up or free delivery with a Walmart+ membership.

Most of the deals are sold and shipped by the retail giant, but you can also find some gems from other sellers on the site. No matter who you buy from, you have guaranteed buying protection to make sure your purchase goes smoothly. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days and some products are even eligible for holiday returns through January 31st.

Shop Apple Watch at Walmart

Apple Watch Deals at Target

Target’s Apple Watch deals are pretty modest currently. We can only guess that they might be hiding some aces in their sleeves to reveal closer to Black Friday. However, if you’re looking for the latest and greatest without paying full retail price, you can snag an Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, or SE (2nd Gen) at a slight discount. Just use your Target RedCard to purchase and knock off 5%.

Similar to Walmart, you have many ways to get your product ASAP: in-store pick-up, same-day delivery with Shipt, or free shipping. Target Circle members also get quite a few freebies when purchasing an Apple Watch. These perks include 4 months of Apple Fitness+, 3 months of Apple TV+, 3 months of Apple Music, 3 months of News+, 3 Apple Arcade, and 3 months of iCloud+.

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Our 2022 Apple Watch Predictions 

What is a Good Apple Watch Black Friday Price?

  • Apple Watches 8 – A good Black Friday Price starts at $350.
  • Apple Watch SE – A good Black Friday price is $180 or less.
  • Apple Watch Ultra – A good Black Friday price might be $700 or less.

Pandemic-induced shipping and supply chain issues are slowly beginning to improve, which is great news if you’re hoping to get your hands on a discounted Apple Watch — but the discount percentage might be tight compared to previous Black Fridays due to inflation. Stock issues could also be a factor, especially if you’re in the market for a brand-new model like the Apple Watch Series 8.

That said, you’ll have no trouble finding deals — Apple Watch deals are still one of the hottest Black Friday tech gifts of the year. Select Apple Watch SE (2020) and Apple Watch Series 7 models dropped to Black Friday caliber prices soon after Apple announced their replacements. The 2020 SE reached a record-low price of $199, Here’s hoping that retailers keep the pace and offer even deeper discounts on Black Friday!

Tips for finding the best Apple Watch deals

Finding an Apple Watch on sale is easy, but getting the best Apple Watch deals requires a bit of know-how. 

  1. Check for price drops often. Amazon prices come and go without warning, stock is unpredictable, you never know!
  2. Shop for older Apple Watch models. Apple’s annual release schedule ensures that each newly obsolete generation of Apple Watches will on sale during Black Friday. With each new generation, the previous smartwatches drop in price. 
  3. Consider opting for a renewed Apple Watch instead. Apple sells a limited selection of refurbished Apple Watches online, though the discount percentage is pretty modest. 
  4. Use Slickdeals to compare previous Black Friday Apple Watch deals. Slickdeals has been around much longer than the Apple Watch — the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals of yesteryear are a great price research tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Apple Watches go on sale?

Apple Watches go on sale fairly often, but it’s definitely worth waiting for Black Friday if you’re trying to score the lowest price of the year. Older models receive the biggest discounts, though you shouldn’t count out the possibility of a small ($10 to $30) Black Friday markdown on current generation watches, such as the Apple Watch Series 8. 

How much can you get an Apple Watch on sale?

If you see a ridiculous Apple Watch deal during Black Friday, don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment — holiday sales are usually where Apple Watches reach their all-time lowest prices. Don’t settle for less, do your research
– Apple Watch Series 7 — Lowest Price Ever: TK $279
– Apple Watch Series 6 — Lowest Price Ever: TK $249
– Apple Watch SE (2020) — Lowest Price Ever: TK $199
– Apple Watch Series 3 — Lowest Price Ever: TK $109

Where will the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals be?

Since Apple doesn’t usually advertise Apple Watch markdowns during Black Friday, the best deals usually come from authorized third-party retailers. Based on past Black Friday sales, expect Apple Watch deals from:
Amazon modest discounts on newer releases, historic low prices on older models
Best Buy solid savings on older models, plus bundles and trade-in deals
Walmart minor savings on the latest models, but stock moves quickly
AT&T BOGO offers and sizeable price cuts for current generations

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals?

Generally speaking, the best Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals are carried over from their respective Black Friday sales. Online retailers like Newegg, B&H Photo and Adorama might have Cyber Weekend special sales, so it’s worth keeping tabs on their Cyber Monday plans while you shop on Black Friday.

Is it worth getting a refurbished Apple Watch?

Buying refurbished is one of the best ways to own electronics, especially high-priced ones like the Apple Watch. As long as you purchase from a reputable source, there isn’t much to worry about. Big online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more all offer some sort of protections on refurbished items at no cost to you. If you want a little more peace of mind on your refurb Apple Watch, most of them also offer protections plans or extended warranties for purchase. If your goal is to get the best savings, then this is one of the best routes to take.

What is the difference between the new Apple Watch and the older models?

The Apple Watch Series 8 was revealed back in September 2022 and offered a few minor upgrades on its predecessor. It features a new S8 chip and most of the additions are related to health monitoring like a body temperature sensor and ovulation cycle tracking. The device also adds Crash Detection to its list of features which will trigger emergency SOS in the event of an accident. If these extra features aren’t enticing to you, then you can opt for a capable older generation Apple Watch at a more affordable price.

What is the benefit of having a Cellular Apple Watch?

While the Apple Watch is fitted with all sorts of cool gadgetry, its main purpose aligns closer to fitness. Having cellular on your device allows for Apple Music and Podcasts no matter where you are. This is particularly a big benefit to runners. You can enjoy a nice jog accompanied by music without the burden of your iPhone. If this is a perk you’re into then the extra price and monthly service cost may be worth it.

Should I wait until Black Friday for an Apple Watch deal?

In recent years, retailers have been releasing Black Friday deals earlier and earlier to alleviate the fulfillment pressure of the big shopping holiday. Most of the early sales are pretty decent and you most likely won’t regret buying early. To lessen any buyer’s remorse, a lot of stores have adopted price matching particularly for Black Friday. So if the price happens to get lower when the actual day comes, they will refund you the difference. With these purchase safeguards in place, you don’t really have to wait until Black Friday for the best deals.

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