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If you’ve held off on purchasing a new Apple TV until now, congratulations — Black Friday arrives on November 25th and we’re already seeing an impressive lineup of 4K and HD Apple TV deals.

Apple’s convenient September announcement tradition is always a major boon for Black Friday price cuts and clearance sales, as retailers scramble to offload newly-obsolete Apple products and make room for the latest generation. Along with overall lower prices on the 2021 model, the 2022 Apple TV 4K received a handsome $70 price reduction (compared to its 2021 counterpart’s release price) and some beefed-up new internals.

Here are the lowest Black Friday Apple TV prices we’ve seen so far:

Black Friday Apple TV Deals & Sales 

Apple TV 4K (2022 Model)

2022 Apple TV 4K Wi‑Fi with 64GB Storage

This year’s top 2022 Apple TV 4K deal is a neck-and-neck tie between Amazon and B&H Photo Video. True to form, Amazon’s deal is better by exactly one cent:

A $5 Black Friday discount isn’t much to write home about, but there are a few reasons why you might opt for Apple’s latest 4K TV streamer over an older model. First and foremost, Apple reduced the 64 GB model price by $70 — the 2021 version retailed for $199 upon release last year. On top of that, the new Apple TV features the all-new A15 Bionic Chip, improved Siri remote design and an option to spring for 128 GB in storage capacity.

Amazon also has the current best price on the 128 GB Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K (2021 Model)

 2021 Apple TV 4K with 64GB Storage

You’ll have no trouble locking down the best 2021 Apple TV 4K deal this Black Friday — Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are offering the same $85 discount on the 64 GB model.

Given the 2022 model’s friendlier price point and its suite of much-needed quality-of-life improvements, it seems like most retailers aren’t pushing 2021 Apple TV 4K deals too hard this year. That said, Amazon is the place to be if you want to take home a 4K Apple TV for under $100:

Apple TV HD (2021 Model)

Apple TV HD 32GB (2nd Generation)

There aren’t many noteworthy Apple TV HD discounts this year, but you can save $20 on the 32 GB model at Walmart:

Apple bid farewell to its Apple TV HD line in 2022, so the 2021 model marks the end of an era. Even so, the second iteration of the serviceable Apple TV HD is a great starter player if you use it for light gaming and streaming Apple originals… and you don’t mind 1080p video. 

Tips on Scoring the Best Apple TV Deal 

Here are some ways to find the best deal this Black Friday. 

  1. Trade in your old Apple device

    If you are upgrading or purchasing a new Apple device that is covered by the Apple trade-in, you can trade in certain Apple devices and get a gift card that you can use toward an Apple TV purchase from the Apple store. Wait for Apple’s Black Friday Shopping Event to parlay the savings by getting another Apple gift card.

  2. Shop renewed or refurbished

    Since Apple doesn’t offer a direct trade-in for Apple TV devices, people might be more likely to sell their devices second-hand. This could be a good way to get an HD model at deep discounts as others upgrade to 4K. 

  3. Shop early

    Black Friday sales are released earlier every year, with some sales announced as early as mid-October. If you see a sale, take advantage of it before it’s sold out. Electronics are popular and may be in limited supply, especially during the holiday shopping frenzy.

  4. Set a deal alert

    When you sign up for a deal alert, you’ll receive a notification whenever we see an Apple TV deal we think you might like. 

The Bottom Line

It’s unlikely Apple TVs will be found for less than $99 this holiday season, so set your budget between $99 and $199. Apple TV devices are popular during Black Friday and have been one of the most sought-after electronics in the past, and we’ll keep a close eye on Apple deals as they are released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple TV have a Black Friday deal?

Each store and online vendor holds its own Black Friday deals, but you can be sure there will be plenty of them to choose from during Apple TV Black Friday sales.

Can you get 3 months free for Apple TV?

You can get three months of Apple TV+ (the streaming service) for free through the Apple website, and also with purchases from select Apple products.

Is Apple TV worth getting?

If you spend a lot of time watching streaming videos, prefer Apple’s original content, and have Apple devices, it’s definitely worth it.

How do you get a year of free Apple TV?

The one-year Apple TV+ free was an incentive offered from 2019 through part of 2021 during the streaming service’s debut. That deal was cut from one year to three months. Some vendors like T-Mobile offer longer free trials but with certain plan requirements.

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