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Whether you’re a runner, amateur gamer, or professional office worker, just about everyone can benefit from the therapeutic power of Theragun – the ultra-popular percussive therapy gun from Therabody. The premium gadget doesn’t come cheap, but Black Friday is a great time to try and snag the device at its lowest price of the year.

Featuring a QuietForce motor, a bunch of customizable settings and a sleek design, few other therapy guns on the market can offer the same performance as Theragun. The lineup was incredibly popular during Black Friday 2021, and we don’t expect that to change for Black Friday 2022. Most official Black Friday events won’t begin until November 25th, but it’s worth keeping your eyes open ahead of time as retailers have already started offering early Black Friday discounts.

Theragun Deals & Sales 

Every model in the Theragun lineup is currently on sale. It’s unclear if we’ll see bigger discounts on Black Friday, but no doubt they’re worth considering with these great new price tags.

Theragun Prime — MSRP: $299

The Prime model is a solid budget pick, as it comes with four included attachments and offers characteristic Therabody smart features (like Bluetooth and app control) at a fairly affordable price. The Theragun++ Prime advertises 30 lbs. stall force and up to two hours of battery life. Most retailers are still offering the Prime at full price, but Runner’s Edge New York has it on sale for just $199. The offer applies to both in-store and online purchases.

Theragun Elite — MSRP: $399

The Theragun Elite will run you $100 more than the Theragun Prime, which might be worth it if you prefer a longer, heavier-handed massage. Therabody’s “quietest device” comes with five attachments, boasts 40 lbs. in stall force and holds a charge for up to two and a half hours. Once again, Runner’s Edge New York has beat everyone to the Black Friday punch, offering a $49 discount on the premium percussive therapy device.

Theragun Pro — MSRP: $599

For $600, you can order a mechanical physical therapist directly to your door. The Pro model is the only Theragun with a repositionable arm and uses two lithium-ion batteries to hold a charge for up to 300 minutes. The Pro packs the hardest punch of any Theragun model — 60 lbs., to be exact. The 4th Gen model is currently seeing a $100 price cut, although the new 5th Gen is still listed at MSRP.

Theragun Mini — MSRP: $199

Theragun Mini is the cheapest offering from Therabody’s lineup of percussive guns. The Mini only comes with one attachment and doesn’t have a display screen or customizable speed range, but these are fair concessions for portability and an accessible price point. Best Buy is offering a slight discount on the Mini – and we’re not sure how much lower it’ll drop on Black Friday.

woman using Theragun Prime

Our 2022 Theragun Black Friday Predictions 

2022 has been jam-packed with Theragun massager sales, so we definitely expect some major savings this Black Friday. The official Theragun store should be your first stop on Black Friday, as it reliably offers the widest assortment of discounts across its entire range of products. 

Last year, Therabody discounted all four Theragun models at least once during its holiday sale. Depending on the day, shoppers saved 25% to 40% on massage devices and accessories. We’ll have to see just how low Theragun prices go in 2022, but we definitely recommend keeping an eye on Theragun’s website – new deals came and went all throughout Cyber Weekend. 

You’ll likely find similar discounts at retailers like Amazon and Walmart, though these sellers usually offer one or two deep discounts at a time (instead of marking down the entire Theragun section).

Tips on scoring the best Theragun deals

Shopping during Black Friday is an easy way to score $50 to $100 off, but check out these other tips for locking down a truly brag-worthy Theragun Black Friday steal: 

  1. Bookmark the Therabody Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals page. There’s already evidence of an upcoming Black Friday sale on Therabody’s website.
  2. Buy a refurbished Theragun from Therabody. If your budget can’t accommodate Theragun’s hefty price tag, you can always buy an open-box device and save $100 to $250.
  3. Save on two devices with a Therabody bundle deal. You have an impressive variety of bundles to choose from, whether you’re shopping for two different Theragun models, a Theragun with a Recovery Air device or a curated selection of attachments. Bundles go on sale from time to time, though most bundles already offer a slight discount at full price.

Do Theraguns go on sale?

Therabody is fairly generous with its Theragun sales, especially during smaller shopping holidays like Mother’s Day, President’s Day and the like. Don’t feel too bad if you miss out on a good Black Friday Theragun sale, another one could be right around the corner!

Third-party retailers might use different Theragun sale structures, but official Therabody discounts tend to scale proportionately — if the Theragun Prime and Elite are $50 off, the Mini might be $40 off while the Pro model gets a $100 discount. 

What is a good Theragun sale price?

You’ll have no trouble finding Theragun massager deals before the holidays, so you might as well aim for the lowest price of the season! If you see a Theragun selling for less than these all-time lowest prices, go for it. 

  • Theragun Prime — Lowest Price Ever: TK $224
  • Theragun Elite — Lowest Price Ever: TK $299
  • Theragun Pro — Lowest Price Ever: TK $499 
  • Theragun Mini — Lowest Price Ever: TK $101.14

Where will the best Black Friday Theragun deals be?

We expect solid Theragun discounts this year. Don’t hop on the first massage gun sale you see — compare these Black Friday Theragun offers ahead of time:

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday Theragun deals?

In 2021, Therabody held separate (but heavily overlapping) sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The two sales had similar deals, but you could save a little more on certain models and bundles during Cyber Monday. That said, shopping late means taking a risk on remaining stock. Don’t hold off on your Theragun purchase if $10 doesn’t make much difference.

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