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Black Friday is one of the best times of year to pick up a new security camera. Whether you’re looking for a smart doorbell, a well-rounded security package, or just a few outdoor floodlights, Black Friday 2022 has brought us tons of great security camera deals. Products from Ring, Arlo, Google, and more are on sale – but if you want to snag the best prices, you’ll need to move quickly. Smart home gadgets like this tend to be popular on Black Friday, and there’s no telling when they’ll sell out.

Here’s a look at the best Black Friday security camera deals, along with a few tips to help you during your shopping adventures.

Shopping for Security Camera Deals on Black Friday 

Increased crime and widely reported media reports of violence lead homeowners to look for the best home security systems. Security camera deals can range from $30 to up to $500 or more on high-end brands,. Remember that many systems will also come with a monthly cost, and there might be extra costs, like SD cards for storage. 

Things to consider when shopping for a security camera deal:

  • Do you need a system compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant?
  • Do you want to enter a contract or not for monthly service?
  • How long of a warranty do you want? 
  • What quality footage do you need?
  • Do you want extra security features?

SHOPPING TIP: Be wary of prices that are “starting at…” This tactic shows a low price and lures you in, but you could spend much more to get the full range of benefits. 

Current Deals on Security Cameras

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera - 3 Pack

From doorbell security cameras to comprehensive security kits, here are the best Black Friday deals available today.

Doorbell Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Smart Home Security Camera Packages

Our 2022 Security Camera Sale Predictions 

Tons of Black Friday 2022 deals are already live, but we might see more pop up on November 25 when the shopping holiday officially begins. Amazon, Lowe’s, Walmart and Best Buy are always great places to be on the lookout for security camera deals – so keep your eyes peeled for enticing price cuts in the coming days.

Smart Security

As consumers have become more comfortable with home security systems, they’ll level up to the smart systems that connect to more devices in the home — like thermostats and lighting. This could mean great deals on starter models and deeper discounts on compatible accessories.

Privacy vs. Security

There are concerns about the “security” in the name “security systems,” as not all devices keep your home security videos private. Hackers can access home security systems without security safeguards on WiFi networks. For best protection, you’ll need end-to-end encryption, which isn’t standard with many models.

Tips on Scoring the Best Deal 

Getting the Best Security Camera Deal

  1. Check for Security Camera Systems has a huge user base that finds and posts on the best deals online. You do not need to be a member to browse for deals and save! There are usually a handful of great deals on security systems any day, and tons of options on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If you choose to sign-up (which is free), you can also set up price alerts on the top items you want to monitor throughout the sales season. You’ll see the history of prices on the product and the lowest price currently available through various retailers. 

  2. Shop Refurbished Security systems

    Refurbished systems will be sold at a deeper discount than some Black Friday sales. Most refurbished items are “like-new”.

  3. Shop Overstocked Products

    Older systems, like 2021 models, might be in overstock among retailers and come with better bargains.

  4. Buy in bulk

    You can get better deals on security system bundles and extra cameras. If you want better coverage, these deals are great for a complete home security solution.

Security Savings for Black Friday 2022

The Black Friday security camera deals 2021 offered could pale compared to the deals for 2022. With new technology on the shelves at more affordable price points and deep discounts on older models, there will be savings no matter how elaborate or simple the system is that you choose. Black Friday outdoor security camera deals will be available too. Make sure you know if the system you purchase is good for indoors, outdoors, or is flexible enough for both. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you shop the best Black Friday security camera deals or wait until Cyber Monday?

As we’ve seen with distribution and supply chain issues this year, the longer you wait, the more risk there is that your product won’t be available. The best sales can be found the week leading up to Black Friday, and if you see something you like, it’s better to buy it now and return it. Cyber Monday doesn’t typically have better deals than Black Friday, but can be an extra shopping day for those who missed out on Black Friday deals.

What should I look for when buying outdoor security cameras?

You’ll want a system with motion detection, two-way audio, and good video quality during the day, night, or inclement weather. Wide-angle lenses will help you get a larger field of view. Having a system with floodlights or installing your own exterior lighting is important too.

Can wireless cameras work without the internet?

Yes, some cameras work without WiFi or a dedicated internet line. What you’ll be sacrificing is some of the benefits that come with internet connectivity, like notifications and remote viewing from your mobile phone.

How many cameras do you need for home security? 

Depending on your home, you’ll need at least one for the front door and one for each entryway. Most people choose to have between three and six, covering the front and back door, garage, and main living spaces inside the home.

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