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The Dyson Airwrap is one of the best all-in-one styling tools money can buy – if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one before they sell out. Even if you find one in stock, you’ll pay a pretty penny for Dyson’s signature Coanda drying and styling technique. The cheapest Airwrap stylers start at $499 (for a refurbished older model), while the latest model will run you around $600. 

Inventory issues have improved since Dyson released an updated version of the Airwrap Complete multi-styler in June 2022, but the 2022 Airwrap restocks never last long. The new Airwrap line offers three sets: the Airwrap Complete Styler, the Airwrap Complete Long Styler and the Airwrap Complete Curly+Coily Styler. You can choose between four colors: Vinca/Blue/Rose, Nickel/Copper, Prussian-Blue-Rich-Copper and Copper/Nickel.

The Airwrap is a popular gift this year, so expect stiff competition if this multi-styler shows up in any Black Friday promotions.

Special Edition Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler - Complete Long in Vinca Blue and Rose

Dyson Airwrap Deals & Sales

If you’ve had trouble nabbing the other Dyson Airwrap models before they inevitably go out of stock, most retailers have a healthy supply of this limited-edition Complete Long Styler gift set. Don’t worry about paying extra if your hair is longer than chest length – the Airwrap Long Styler is the same price as the regular Complete Styler and comes with the same attachments. You’ll also receive a paddle brush, detangling comb and filter cleaning brush.

The original Dyson Airwrap is hard to find in new condition, but refurbished models are easier to find (often at a discount) thanks to the 2022 release.

Dyson’s new 2022 Airwrap multi-styler is engineered for effortless, intuitive styling and control. This base model is designed for hair shorter than chest length. Each unit comes with a 1.6″ Airwrap barrel, 1.2″ Airwrap barrel, Coanda smoothing dryer, two smoothing brushes, one round volumizing brush and a chic storage case.

Optimized for hair with a tighter curl pattern, Dyson’s Curly+Coily styler swaps out the soft smoothing brush attachment for a wide-tooth comb, designed to stretch and lengthen hair while it dries. 

Our 2022 Dyson Airwrap Predictions 

The Dyson Airwrap has remained in high demand since it was first announced in 2018, so it’s hard to predict this year’s most likely deals — the multi-styler hasn’t remained in stock long enough to appear in many Black Friday sales. Current Airwrap owners will have a better shot at finding a good deal, as add-ons and accessories are much easier to find in stock. 

Watch Us Guess and Compare the Best Dyson Deals

If the Airwrap goes on sale this Black Friday, expect small discounts and a tight window between restock and sellout. Larger savings will be easier to come by once the 2022 Airwrap has been out for longer. In 2020, a lucky group of early bird holiday shoppers nabbed a $400 Airwrap during Amazon’s Black Friday sale, while Best Buy sold the same unit for $439.99.

Dyson hasn’t announced a Black Friday Airwrap sale yet, but the best Airwrap discounts tend to come directly from the manufacturer. If this empty Dyson Black Friday Hair Dryer Deals page is any indication, Dyson might be your Black Friday Airwrap destination. 

If you own a qualifying Dyson machine (which includes vacuum cleaners, lighting and air purifiers), you can join the Dyson Owner Rewards program and buy an Airwrap styler with your 20% off promo code. 

Tips for scoring the best deal on Dyson Airwrap Stylers

Snagging a rare Black Friday discount on a new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible.

  1. Sign up for Dyson’s Black Friday Dryer Deals email list. When Dyson’s holiday deals go live, you’ll be the first to know. Getting your hands on a full-price Airwrap is already a challenge, so you’ll definitely want to move quickly if Dyson announces a promotion for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  2. Purchase a refurbished Airwrap from the Dyson Outlet. Dyson still sells the first-generation Airwrap in renewed condition. At $449.99 per styler, this Dyson Outlet deal is the most reliable way to get an Airwrap for under $600.
  3. Don’t bother with price-gouging retailers or third-party resellers. Some retailers (especially third-party Amazon sellers) are trying to hawk Dyson Airwrap systems for upwards of $1,000. While the Airwrap is exceptionally good at what it does, it’s definitely not worth $200-$400 above MSRP. 
  4. Join the Dyson Owner Rewards Savings Program. Register your qualifying Dyson machine online and receive a one-time 20% off Dyson promo code. You can use this code to order a new Dyson Airwrap and save $100 to $120. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Dyson Airwrap go on sale?

There might be a handful of Dyson Airwrap discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, but they definitely won’t last long. Dyson is likely offering some discounts, so remember to bookmark the Dyson Black Friday Hair Dryer Deals page if you’re trying to save on a new multi-styler. 

What is a good Dyson Airwrap sale price?

The summer 2022 Dyson Airwrap hasn’t been out for very long, so there haven’t been many sales. Based on Dyson’s usual sale structure, the manufacturer typically discounts the Airwrap in increments of $50 — $550 is a likely Black Friday sale price. 
The original Dyson Airwrap dropped to a record low price of $400 during Amazon’s Black Friday sale in 2020. 

Where will the best Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deals be?

Black Friday 2022 lands on November 25, just one month before Christmas. There’s a good chance we’ll see a few Dyson Airwrap styler deals on Cyber Monday, so be sure to mark your calendars for November 28th. 
Finding a Dyson Airwrap deal during Black Friday might be difficult, but certainly not impossible. These retailers offer your best shot at saving a few bucks:
Dyson high likelihood of a Black Friday sale, restocks regularly
QVC few discounts but more reliable stock than most retailers
Ulta some special promotions for Ultamate Rewards members
Sephora potential perks for Beauty Insider members

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday Dyson Airwrap deals?

The best Airwrap Cyber Monday deals are usually found on the Dyson website. The Dyson Airwrap Cyber Monday Deals page is already live, so you can sign up to receive email updates once the sale is formally announced. 

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