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It’s time to give your furry friend a treat this holiday season by taking advantage of Petco’s Black Friday sales. You can shop for pet toys, crates, and food at a discount, whether you have a lizard, dog, cat, guinea pig, or fish. If this year’s promotions are anything like last year’s, then you can expect up to 50% off on all the best animal care essentials. During the Black Friday event, you can save up big by shopping online as well as going into your local Petco for extra grooming services.

Petco Black Friday 2021 Ad Scan

Stay tuned for the Petco Black Friday 2022 Ad Scan to come out. Check out deals and sales from the Petco Black Friday event last year.

Petco Black Friday Deals & Discounts

Petco offers top-quality pet products and services. On Black Friday, they release amazing discounts for select products in multiple categories; this includes pet toys, holiday-related clothing, and treats. They also have limited-time offers for in-store services, grooming kits, and more.

2021 Petco Deals

Petco customers could treat their animal companions to some incredible items and services thanks to the 2021 Black Friday event. The most popular products were the toys and pet food since those items are the most frequently bought, even without any sales events. Petco also welcomed new shoppers to try their services with exclusive deals for first-time customers.

  • Dog and Cat Food and Treats – Up to 50% Off
  • Buy One Get One Free Holiday-Related Toys and Treats
  • Holiday-Related Clothing and Beds – Up to 50% Off
  • Dog Beds, Crates, and Gear – Up to 50% Off
  • Dog and Cat Toys – Up to 50% Off

Deals only for In-Store Shoppers

  • 20% off your first groom and grooming perk
  • 20% off dog training when you spend $80+ at Vetco Clinics
  • Free exam for new clients

Discounts for Members

Petco offers different reward programs that give you advantages during Black Friday. The first is the Petco Pay Credit. With Petco Pay, you can earn rewards and points, receive special financing options, and unlock the latest deals year-round without needing to pay an annual fee. The second option is the Petco Pals Rewards Program, a membership program where you can get member-only perks and pricing options for free.

  • Get 20% off your first Petco pay purchase
  • Eight bags of food free with nutrition perk

2022 Petco Deals

This year, Petco is rolling out multiple deals for its goods and services. You can expect markdowns on toys, pet food, vet care, and holiday-themed costumes so your pet can participate in family photoshoots with style. Buy one get one free bundles will also be available for select dog and cat toys.

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Petco Black Friday Dates and Hours

Black Friday kicks off on Friday, November 25, and runs until Sunday, November 27. Deals will be online immediately on the 25. Then, on Monday the 28, Cyber Monday begins with sitewide discounts you don’t want to miss out on!

In-store Black Friday Dates: November 25 – November 27

Because Petco rolls out so many in-store deals for new customers, the stores will be packed during the entirety of their Black Friday promotions. Make sure you schedule an appointment for the discounted grooming and vet deals as soon as the sales event is announced to make sure you can get a spot. As for buying things in-store, try to get there as early as possible to make sure you get what you need before it runs out.

  • Store Hours
    • Mon-Fri: TBA
    • Sat/Sun: TBA

Online Petco Black Friday: When do deals start going online?

Deals go online at midnight on November 25. If this year’s event is anything like last year’s, then no promo code is needed to get Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Simply hop onto the Petco website and start adding things to your cart!

  • Petco Black Friday Online Dates: November 25/12 AM
  • Petco Black Friday Cyber Monday Dates: November 28/12 AM

How Do I Get Black Friday Deals Before They Run Out of Stock?

To make sure you get everything you need online, create a Petco account on the website. Sign up for text alerts and be ready at midnight the moment the deals come online. If something you want is out of stock, then check it out the next day or call your local Petco and ask if they’ll have the item available at any one of their physical stores.

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