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PetSmart Black Friday 2022

PetSmart is rolling out some hot deals for Black Friday 2022. From pet treats to fish tanks, you’ll find discounts for all sorts of products you can buy to give your pets the best Christmas ever. You can head into your local PetSmart or order online from the comfort of your home. Whatever you decide, you’ll be guaranteed the best deals on pet and pet products.

PetSmart Black Friday Sneak Peek Ad Scan

PetSmart Black Friday 2021 Ad Scan

Check out the Ad Scan from last year’s Black Friday at PetSmart.

PetSmart Black Friday Deals & Discounts

PetSmart is one of the most popular pet stores in the country thanks to its wide variety of high-quality pet products. Not only do they sell everything you need to properly care for your animal, but they also sell the most popular animal species, such as guinea pigs, dogs, cats, betta fish, and parakeets. It’s no surprise then, with the holiday season being full of gift-giving, that the most popular products for discounts were pets and pet food.

2021 PetSmart Deals

In 2021, PetSmart had a jaw-dropping buy-one-get-one-free deal on all sorts of pet food, snacks, and accessories. Because dogs and cats hold the top two spots for most popular pets, most of the discounts were dog and cat-related. However, you could still find amazing deals for those who own reptiles and rodents.

Here are some of PetSmart’s top deals for their 2021 Black Friday event:

  • Merry and Bright Plush Dog Toys XXL – Sale Price: $4.99 | Reg. Price: $9.99
  • Pet Head Dog Shampoo and Spray Holiday Edition – Sale: 50% off
  • Whisker City Plush Mansion Cat Tower 70” – Sale Price: $64.99 | Reg. Price: $189.99
  • PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Sale Price: $99 | Reg. Price: $189.99

Online Exclusive Deals

  • 60% off dog and cat essentials
  • Buy two get one free offer on dog and cat snacks
  • Free shipping promo codes on orders over a certain amount

2022 PetSmart Deals

Like last year, we can expect a lot of great discounts on cat and dog products for PetSmart’s Black Friday promotions. They will also have many exotic pets for sale, so if you’re looking to gift someone with the joys of animal companionship, the best time to do that would be on Black Friday. Although the most promoted deals will be the food and toys, don’t forget to look at buy one get one free deals, as well as bundles and kits for enclosures or grooming products.

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PetSmart Black Friday Dates and Hours

Unlike other stores, PetSmart Black Friday promotions only run for two days. In 2021, promotions lasted from November 25 to November 26. In the past, there were some pre-Black Friday promotions going on, and it’s possible for PetSmart to bring those back. For now, we can expect another two-day promotional run. You should also look forward to Cyber Monday Deals, where you can input promotional codes to get 60% off select items, as well as free shipping. Cyber Monday is on November 28th, so get your credit card info ready to scoop up some amazing deals.

In-store Black Friday Dates: November 25 – November 26

Because PetSmart Black Friday promotions are so short, the best day to go would be on the first day, November 25th. You’ll want to get to your local PetSmart as early as possible. If you really want to organize yourself, go to PetSmart before Black Friday and familiarize yourself with the store’s layout. This way, when you do your shopping, you can find what you need faster and maneuver your way around other shoppers.

  • Store Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 10 AM – 9:45 PM
    • Sat/Sun: 10 AM – 9:45 PM

Online PetSmart Black Friday: When do deals start going online?

Deals go online on November 25 at 12 AM, most likely on Mountain Standard Time since PetSmart headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. To get the most out of online discounts, check out the PetSmart 2022 Black Friday AD scan, as well as Slickdeals, for promotional codes. PetSmart rolls out a multitude of discount codes for free shipping and bundle deals on food, snacks, and toys.

  • PetSmart Black Friday Online Dates: November 25/12 AM (MST)
  • PetSmart Black Friday Cyber Monday Dates: November 28/12 AM (MST)

How Do I Get Black Friday Deals Before They Run Out of Stock?

If you don’t want to miss out on deals, it may be more beneficial to order online than go to a physical location. If PetSmart doesn’t have any pre-Black Friday promotions, then you’ll want to stay up until the deals go online at 12 AM and shop on the website. The discounts will be live a lot sooner than any physical store opens, so online shopping is the best way to guarantee you’ll get what you need before anyone else.

Big promotional events like this often crash websites due to the amount of traffic. Keep the website open, but if servers are still down as store opening hours draw near, get ready to go to the physical location. You can also take your phone with you so you can shop online and in stores simultaneously.

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