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There’s nothing wrong with getting a headstart on Christmas decorations. In fact, many just skip over Thanksgiving decor and go straight to constructing a Winter Wonderland. While Black Friday’s spotlight is more on major purchases like fancy electronics, you can also find a good number of deals to get your home filled with holiday cheer. To help you get started, here are some of the best deals you can currently find for Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments.

The Best Black Friday Christmas Tree Deals So Far

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The Northern Lights Christmas Trees

Sale Price: $299.95 – $699.95 | Regular Price: $399.95 – $799.95

This dazzling artificial Christmas tree is a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive and will surely bring some magic to your holiday. It utilizes fiber optics to create a cascade of colors along its branches and really brings the tree to life. With a controller included, you can set a variety of options for the tree like color, lighting modes, and timing. If you’re worried about space, there are three sizes to choose from: 4.5 feet, 7.5 feet, and 9 feet.

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The Best Deals on Holiday Ornaments So Far

Macy’s Set of 30 Assorted Shatterproof Ball Ornaments

Sale Price: $9.99 | Regular Price: $28.00

Macy’s is offering several Black Friday specials on holiday decor and this is one of their best deals at 64% off. This set of 30 ornaments eludes elegance without breaking the bank. As an added bonus, buying this set allows you to purchase a Godiva Holiday Ballotin Gift Box with 19 pieces of delicious chocolates for just $21.99 ($34 value). You can get these beautiful ornaments in either gold or red.

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Top Black Friday Deals on Christmas Lights

chistmas lights on sale during Black Friday

The Best Deal on Outdoor Lights

KNONEW 1000 LED 403ft Color Changing Outdoor Christmas Lights

Sale Price: $39.19 (with 30% Off Coupon) | Regular Price: $55.99

Managing several bundles of Christmas lights can be a huge hassle during the holidays. They can cause quite a mess, consume lots of power, and be somewhat hazardous. Having one giant string light is definitely the way to go. These Christmas lights by KNONEW can alleviate those aforementioned issues. This year’s model has some nice upgrades like 11 lighting settings, dimming capabilities, and a timer.

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The Best Deal on Indoor Lights

ROSSETTA Indoor LED Star Projector

Sale Price: $34.98 | Regular Price: $59.99

Bring the Aurora Borealis into your home with this indoor LED projector. Owning one of these is probably one of the most cost-efficient and easiest ways to light up your living room. The device features 14 colors, 4 speeds, 4 brightness levels, and plenty of entertainment. It even houses a Bluetooth speaker so you can play those classic holiday hits and really rock around the Christmas tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Buy a Christmas Tree?

Buying an artifical Christmas tree during Black Friday wouldn’t be a bad idea as there are deals available. But if we are talking about getting the best deal on one, then no. The best time to save money on a tree would be after Christmas. Though that might defeat the purpose, you can consider purchasing one after the holiday in preparation for next year.

What Stores Sell Christmas Decorations? 

The list of stores that sell Christmas decorations is enormous. During this season, almost every major retailer gets filled with holiday spirit and Christmas inventory. Target, Walmart, and Amazon are the three most obvious choices. These bigger players tend to sell more generic items, though. If you’re looking for more unique decor, you can try novelty sites like Grandin Road, Balsam Hill, and Hammacher Schlemmer.

What are the Pros and Cons of Getting an Artificial Tree?

There are many advantages to buying an artificial tree for the holiday. First and foremost, it is reusable so it’s pretty much a one-time purchase that will last quite a number of years. Though some assembly is required, it is relatively easy to put together and take apart. No cleanup is required either and it won’t trigger any allergies. That being said, if you just love the way a real tree engages your senses, then a fake one will hardly suffice.

How Do I Choose Lights for my Tree?

While it may seem simple, picking the right lights for your Christmas tree is almost an art. In general, you want small bulbs for a small tree and big bulbs for a big tree. When it comes to the light itself, you have two options: LED or incandescent. However, LED Christmas lights are the superior choice as they are more durable, safer, and less costly. The next thing to consider is color. A more traditional look would be all white Christmas lights. But if you like to spice things up, then multi-colored lights are the more popular choice.

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