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Black Friday technically lands on November 25th this year, but we’ve seen more than a few enticing early Black Friday AirPods Pro discounts in the weeks leading up to the big event. Apple‘s recent AirPods Pro 2 announcement was great news for gadget-lovers and deal-lovers alike: the latest generation of premium AirPods is packed with updated specs and an overall improved user experience, plus this conveniently timed release suggests record-low Black Friday prices for older AirPods Pro generations.

AirPods Pro Deals & Sales 

  • AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case (2nd Generation) — MSRP: $249

Following the smash success of the original AirPods Pro, Apple didn’t need to reinvent the wheel with the latest generation. That said, lifestyle AirPods Pro users will appreciate quality-of-life changes like haptic swipe controls for volume adjustment, a new extra-small ear tip size, improved Active Noise Cancellation (with new adaptive options in Transparency Mode) and low-distortion drivers and amps powered by Apple’s new H2 chip.

Black Friday Deal TBD!

  • AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case — MSRP: $249

AirPods Pro elevated the entire AirPods line with an assortment of premium features: choose-your-own silicone ear tips, Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive EQ and higher-quality audio. Apple discontinued the original AirPods Pro during the AirPods Pro 2 release announcement, but it’ll be a while before they disappear completely from non-Apple retailers — you can still buy the (long-discontinued) first AirPods Pro model from 2019! With so many variations on the market, 2022 should be a good year for Black Friday AirPods Pro deals.

Black Friday Deal TBD!

Our 2022 AirPods Pro Predictions 

Like Black Friday 2020 and 2021, this holiday shopping season is shaping up to be a long-haul marathon rather than a single-day deal blowout — we already saw a few early Black Friday AirPods Pro deals during Amazon‘s Prime Early Access sale, including a rare 10% AirPods Pro 2 discount. We might see slightly better savings as we get closer to the main event, but nothing substantial.

After going on sale many times throughout the year, the first-generation AirPods Pro will definitely get a handsome price reduction on Black Friday. Keep an eye out, there’s a good chance the historic low price might even drop below $150.

Don’t sweat it if you miss a good Black Friday deal. AirPods Pro usually reach a record-low price within days of Black Friday, but they often return to that same price during other sales events. Like most Apple products, AirPods Pro deals are major attractions during Amazon deal events like Prime Day and Prime Early Access. To stay competitive, big-box stores like Target and Walmart will often try to match or beat Amazon’s prices.

Apple Airpods Pro

Tips on scoring the best AirPods Pro deals

New AirPods Pro discounts come and go pretty often, so you’ll never need to wait long for a sale — the key is finding the best AirPods Pro deals. These tried-and-true AirPods savings tips are useful year-round:

  1. Buy an earlier AirPods Pro generation. The original 2019 AirPods Pro and updated 2021 AirPods Pro are still easy to find. Retailers are likelier to mark down older Airpods Pro models than the new AirPods Pro 2.
  2. Shop for renewed AirPods Pro earbuds — plenty of retailers sell them. This is the best way to save on newly released AirPods Pro models, but you’ll find a wider variety of renewed earbuds from previous generations. Apple, Amazon and Best Buy usually carry renewed AirPods Pro.
  3. It’s worth waiting until the week of Black Friday, but don’t delay. Timing your AirPods Pro purchase is tricky. Historically, AirPods Pro prices bottom out right around Black Friday, but you might run into stock and shipping issues.
  4. Use Slickdeals to track and compare AirPods deals. Slickdeals is a treasure trove of user-generated Black Friday deals and discussions. It’s easy to make informed purchases once you’ve learned about AirPods Pro price history. Of course, you can always set a Deal Alert — we’ll let you know whenever we see AirPods Pro discounts you might like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do AirPods Pro go on sale?

The original AirPods Pro didn’t receive many significant discounts until 2021. Nowadays, patience is the only thing you need to find a pair for under $200. Smaller discounts (usually $10 to $25) are even more common, so there’s really no need to pay full price for first-generation AirPods. Assuming the new AirPods Pro 2 follows a similar schedule, you may as well add them to your Black Friday 2023 shopping list.

How much can you save on AirPods Pro?

– AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case — Lowest Price Ever: TK $159.99
– AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case (2nd Generation) — Lowest Price Ever: TK $223.24

Where will the best Black Friday AirPods Pro deals be?

AirPods are one of the top Black Friday crowd-pleasers, so you’ll have your pick of Black Friday AirPods Pro deals. The best offers usually come from:
Amazon reigning champion of record low AirPods Pro Black Friday prices
Walmart mirrors Black Friday offers from other retailers
Best Buy bundle deals and rare refurbished AirPods Pro discounts

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday AirPods PRO deals?

Usually, AirPods Pro promotions peak during the week of Black Friday and carry over through Cyber Monday — Amazon and Best Buy usually have the best sales, but don’t overlook internet vendors like Newegg and B&H Photo. You probably shouldn’t wait for a Cyber Monday AirPods Pro offer, especially if it means passing up a decent Black Friday deal. If we see any stock issues with the AirPods Pro, the pinch will be especially tight right after Black Friday.

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