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Xbox Series X consoles remain in short supply as we head into the holidays, but you’ll have no trouble remembering this year’s Black Friday date – the official start of the holiday shopping season conveniently lands on November 25th, exactly one month from Christmas. Mark your calendars for November 28th as well: it’s worth saving a bit of time and cash for Xbox Cyber Monday game deals.

Due to global supply chain disruption, Microsoft spent 2020 and 2021 struggling to fulfill the overwhelming demand for Xbox Series X consoles. You should be able to buy a new Xbox now that supply has (somewhat) stabilized, but Black Friday console deals will be few and far between – if we’re lucky enough to get any.

As a consolation prize, there’s a good chance we’ll see historic low prices on Xbox games, controllers, storage expansion cards, and other peripherals this Black Friday. You can snag savings on all of them at the same time if you play your cards right — keep an eye out for offers on bundled subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox All Access.

Xbox Series X Best Price: Xbox Series X 1TB for $499 at Lenovo (Coming Soon)

Given the scarce stock of the console, finding one that isn’t marked up heavily is a deal of its own. For Black Friday, Lenovo is offering the Xbox Series X for its MSRP price of $499.99. However, you can get back 3% in reward points or $15 if you sign up for their loyalty program prior to purchase. As a MyLenovo Rewards Member, your purchase is also eligible for free expedited shipping. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, mark your calendar for 11/24 at 9 a.m. ET.

See Deal on Lenovo’s 2022 Black Friday Ad Scan

It is very unlikely that we’ll see the Xbox Series X for any cheaper this Black Friday. Any new deals that arise are most likely going to be bundles. If you just want the console alone, the extra games and accessories that come in the packages may not be as enticing. But if you don’t mind them, then that’s another surefire option in getting the Xbox Series X this holiday.

Other Xbox Console Deals

Best Xbox Series X Controller Price

Xbox Wireless Controller (Pulse Red)

Sale Price: $39.99 | Regular Price: $64.99

Unsurprisingly, the best deal on an Xbox controller so far comes from its maker, Microsoft. During this holiday shopping season, you can get the Xbox Wireless Controller in Shock Blue for $25 off. The standard Carbon Black and Robot White are the same price, but why not add a little color to your life? With this controller, you are not hindered by cables and can play across a number of compatible platforms beyond the Xbox like Windows, Android, as well as iOS.

Check Deal at Microsoft

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Best Xbox Series X Headset & Accessory Discounts

Our 2022 Xbox Series X Predictions 

While we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Xbox Series X/S console deals, it’s safe to say that most people won’t have any luck finding them. The novelty of Xbox consoles on the shelves is still fairly new, so move very quickly if you’re lucky enough to spot an Xbox Series X below MSRP this Black Friday.

In any case, Black Friday 2022 will definitely feature console bundles (from Microsoft and retailer-exclusives) like last year’s popular Xbox Series S Fortnite & Rocket League bundle. The holiday shopping season should be a great time to save on discounted Game Pass subscriptions and titles, as well as regular Xbox Series X games.

Microsoft’s Black Friday sale featured digital games up to 67% off, though some titles were slightly cheaper once Walmart and Amazon undercut Microsoft’s prices. You might see minor discounts on prominent 2022 Xbox releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Elden Ring.

Five days before Black Friday, Walmart+ members had early access to online deals from Walmart’s “Black Friday sneak peek” ad, which advertised a freshly restocked supply of Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. If you are a Walmart+ member (or have a similar store membership), these member-exclusive deals might be your ticket to a cheaper Xbox console.

Tips on scoring the best Xbox Series X deals

Good luck!

  1. Act fast if you see a discounted Xbox Series X console. Xbox console deals might be unlikely, but they certainly aren’t impossible. Expect a lot of competition if you’re gunning for an advertised Black Friday console bundle deal. Unannounced price drops are always possible during Cyber Weekend – hopefully, you’re in the right place at the right time!
  2. Pay over time with the Xbox All Access bundle. For $24.99/mo, Xbox All Access allows you to pay for a new Xbox Series X/S console over 24 months. Xbox All Access includes a Game Pass Ultimate membership, so you’ll have instant access to hundreds of Xbox classics and new releases.
  3. Check for restocks and new deals often. It only takes a few seconds to set a Deal Alert for “Xbox Series X.” Once you’ve done that, you can kick back and let Slickdeals keep track of Xbox sales. If we see a restock alert or an Xbox offer you might like, we’ll let you know right away.

When to Get an Xbox on Sale

To put it bluntly: no, not really. We’ve seen deals where you can save $10 to $60 on a bundled Xbox Series X console with one or two wireless controllers, but no true price drops. There simply haven’t been enough Xbox consoles in supply.

Luckily, the Xbox Series X is nearly two years old. This “next-gen” console now represents the “current” generation, so games, controllers, and accessories are only going to get cheaper over time. As the first wave of refurbished Xbox consoles continues to roll in, we’ll start seeing more open-box offers at lower prices. For now, the going price for a renewed Xbox Series X/S still runs $5 to $40 cheaper than a new system.

How often does the Xbox Series X go on sale?

Standalone Xbox Series X consoles haven’t gone on sale yet. Many record-low Xbox accessory prices haven’t budged since Black Friday 2020. Small discounts have become more common in the interim, but don’t settle for less; these are the Xbox Black Friday deals to beat:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller — TK Lowest Price Ever: $39
  • Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 TK Lowest Price Ever: $139.99

Where will the best Black Friday Xbox deals be?

Most major retailers offer Xbox deals during Black Friday, but the most impressive discounts are usually found at:

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday Xbox deals?

Xbox Store gift cards and digital games are the most common Cyber Monday Xbox deals. First things first, remember to keep tabs on the Xbox Cyber Monday Deals page and Microsoft’s Cyber Monday Deals Page. If your most-wanted Xbox gifts sold out during Black Friday, you might get lucky with a Cyber Monday deal from online retailers like Newegg.

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